Halloween Candy Fun!

October 31, 2017

Make candy fun in more ways than one! Try these ideas with your children to reinforce concepts like colors, numbers, letters, and patterns. Come up with your own ideas and have fun learning while you enjoy your sweet treats!
  • Sort candy by color, shape, or size, or come up with your own way to sort. See how fast you can finish!
  • Split candy into two equal groups, then three, then four to see how much you could share with one, two, or three friends.
  • Put candy pieces in alphabetical order. Do you notice any missing letters?
  • Use two to four different types of candy to create a pattern that repeats.
Happy Halloween from A Helpful Tutor!

Thandiwe Ogbonna is a professional tutor with a sincere passion for learning. She strives to help her students reach their full potential in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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